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Getting Closer!

January 14, 2013

“Let me make something else perfectly clear:
In the months and years ahead you’re going to hear all sorts of nonsense, rumors and rhetoric about gold, about silver, about precious metals. 99% of it will be just that, nonsense.
Yes, gold is headed much higher over the longer term. So is silver, and so is platinum.
But the next leg up in the metals is not yet here and when it does come (from still-lower prices) it will not be due to any of the above nonsense.
It will simply be due to the fact that the governments of both Europe and the United States are flat-broke … and that there is nothing that can be done about it …

Short of all the governments of the world getting together … canceling all debts … and designing a new, debt-free-based monetary system.

It’s going to happen. The problem is that the world is going to have to go through hell to get to the other side.”
– from Larry Edelson, in a newsletter from Weiss Research Group on this date

This portion of an investment newsletter got my attention today.  As far as I’m aware this author is coming from a completely secular point of view and is no ‘end times’ prognosticator.   It seems to be clearer all the time that a one world government and monetary system is becoming more likely all the time.  Apparently most (or all) national government authorities are jumping on the inflationary band wagon to ‘compete’ with their trading partners and there is nothing legitimate to back the currency exchanges.  This would probably be a very good time to revisit the book of Revelation to get a glimpse of what could be coming in the not too distant future.